Sofie Lindblom im Interview

Sofie Lindblom ist eine von 21 Experten bei Cassinis #21digital.
Am 25. Juni feiern wir in Hamburg Premiere unserer neuen Event-Reihe #21digital. Thought Leader und Key Influencer diskutieren in unterschiedlichen Workshops, wieviel Anarchie digitale Innovation braucht.

Sofie Lindblom sprach mit uns über Digitalisierung und Innovation:

Sofie, what is innovation for you?
I prefer to keep it simple, the process of innovation is complex enough as it is. Innovation is new ideas or existing ideas in new combinations that generates value for a community. 

What do you think, why is innovation so important in these days?
Innovation has always been important to move us forward, improve the quality of life and find smarter solutions. The reason it has ended up on the agenda for leadership teams in all types of organizations is because we see an exponential pace of change in the world. The speed at which things are moving forward has made it more obvious how important innovation is if you plan to be relevant not only today but also in the future. Organizations that realize this can implement structures to systematically explore new opportunities and hence use the pace of change to their advantage. 

Please complete: Innovation at ideation360 is…
Ideation360’s view of innovation is aligned with my view. Innovation is new ideas or existing ideas in new combinations that generates value for a community. How an organization mobilize to find innovation varies greatly depending on their aspiration and ability. This is a different field called innovation management. Sometimes the two gets mixed up. 

The world in 50 years. What is the first thought, that comes to your mind?
Complexity. The pace of change we have talked about raises completely new questions about what type of world we want to live and what type of parallel worlds we will be able to create. Thinking about the tremendous opportunities is truly exciting but it also comes with great responsibility from an economical, environmental, social and ethical perspective. We need to learn how to be comfortable navigating uncertainty because change is the new constant. Change is the new black.

Über Sofie Lindblom

Change is the new constant. Change is the new black.

Sofie ist ehemalige Global Innovation Managerin von Spotify und CEO von ideation360. Als impulsgebende Persönlichkeit ist sie Träger zahlreicher Auszeichnungen wie IT girl of the year von Microsoft und 50 most inspiring women in Technology in Europe von Inspiring Fifty. Sie zählt zu Sweden’s Top 100 Talents. Nach mehreren erfolgreichen TEDx Talks gibt Sofie nun bei #21digital Impulse.

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