Neues von Cassini.


Meet Cassini at the '4th Annual Airlines & Aerospace, MRO & Operations IT Conference'

Date: 9th June 2009, Frankfurt, Germany<br> Cassini's aviation experts will present their approach for 'Optimizing operational performance by enhancing the M&E-FlightOps interface'.

Christian Lambertus, Senior Consultant for aviation services at Cassini, will present an approach for optimizing the interface between Flight Operations and Maintenance. Kernel of the speech will be the communication between both stakeholders and their planning sections. With optimized information processes, operations can be improved and aircraft availability can be increased, giving Flight Operations more flexibility at hand. This can lead to more stability with regard to the schedule on the operational horizon. Maintenance will also benefit from more accurate resource planning, caused by improved quality of information with regard to planned events. Cassini will outline possible weak spots and provide information how to activate hidden potential in a time- and cost-efficient way.

The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is Air Transport's only event to address the issues relating to the development of IT and its application in maintenance and aircraft flight operations.

It is the only event in the world that addresses the strategic issues surrounding the development of technology behind improvements in maintenance and operating costs of aircraft.  It provides an outstanding opportunity for aircraft operators and MRO providers to tryout all the major software and hardware IT systems on the market and to hear about the latest developments and trends in this rapidly developing sector of the industry.

The 2009 event is going to be the biggest yet. Over 30 vendors will be exhibiting their software and hardware solutions with already 80 confirmed airlines attending. 

With the current financial climate the overall theme for 2009 is cost savings on both MRO and Operations systems.